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iPhone 12 Cases

If your phone is currently caseless or lacking individuality, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Case Monkey, where our love for what we do extends beyond phone cases to creating exceptional customer service.

Choosing the best iPhone cover is about more than design; it's...

If your phone is currently caseless or lacking individuality, you’re in the right place. Welcome to Case Monkey, where our love for what we do extends beyond phone cases to creating exceptional customer service.

Choosing the best iPhone cover is about more than design; it's about creating a personalised defence that keeps your Apple iPhone 12 safe while looking great.

Over time, our buyers have evolved into more than just customers; they are now part of our valued "tribe." More than simply a business, we're a community united by the desire to improve technology.

At Case Monkey, we have been in the game since 2020 and have great awareness of the tremendous benefits that exceptional customer service and product selection offer. When shopping with us, you can expect that and more!


The Benefits of an iPhone Case

Choosing to equip your iPhone 12 with a case comes with many benefits. Beyond making your device look good, you’ll experience:

  • Increased protection for your phone from drops and impacts that could cause cracks or internal damage.
  • The ability to express your individuality through various designs, colours, and materials for your iPhone.
  • An appealing aesthetic for your mobile that creates a barrier against minor damage like scratches and other wear and tear.
  • The convenience of modern features such as cardholders, stands, wriststraps and wallet functionalities.
  • A clean and germ-free phone surface with cases designed with antimicrobial properties for hygiene purposes.


Shop Our Selection of iPhone 12 Phone Cases

Within our assortment of Case Monkey cases, expect to find a variety of options for contrasting personalities. From clear and simple to bold and vibrant, we like to cover all bases here at Case Monkey.


Our Patterned iPhone 12 Cases

We have an impressive selection of patterned phone cases featuring vibrant designs including marble, honeycomb, holographic hearts, army prints, rhinestones, leopard prints, and bright flowers.

With designs in mind, we also offer 3D designs to add some interest to your iPhone 12. Let your accessories stand out with our products at Case Monkey.


Our Extra Strong iPhone 12 Cases

Because we respect the importance of your iPhone, we've taken great care to ensure that our shockproof cases elongate the lifespan of your iPhone 12.

With style and immense protection, it reduces the chances of costly repairs and limits impacts from accidental occurrences.


Our MagSafe iPhone 12 Cases

The distinctive technical elements that are included in our iPhone 12 covers show our appreciation for trendy innovation.

Our MagSafe-compatible cases work with other MagSafe technologies, like chargers. Experience the ease of wireless charging with Case Monkey's innovative range.


Our Wallet iPhone 12 Cases

Our collection of wallet cases for the iPhone 12 is a great choice if you value functionality. These cases feature storage spaces for necessary things like cards and IDs, in addition to protecting your phone.

Travel light with our wallet cases and choose from our selection of styles. Whether you prefer a magnetic leather case with front and back protection or a hard matte cover, you can combine your tech and important items effortlessly.


Our Feature-Rich iPhone 12 Cases

With our wide array of cases, which include cutting-edge features like lanyards, wrist bands, ring holders and phone grips, you can increase the security of your phone.

If you're usually dropping your phone or having minor slips, our iPhone 12 feature-rich cases may benefit you.


Our Silicone iPhone 12 Cases

If you appreciate flexibility and durability, our silicone iPhone 12 cases are the ideal choice. These cases not only defend your phone but also offer a resilient, non-slip grip. Available in various colours and designs, experience a touch of individuality with our silicone cases.


Our Protective Camera iPhone 12 Cases

Our discrete lens protection cases minimise the effect of unintentional drops and protect your camera from scratches. Not only does this offer extra protection for your iPhone 12, but it also helps preserve its value.


Your Next iPhone 12 Case Awaits!

At Case Monkey, we're proud of what we do and understand the powerful advantages of having a phone case. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, choosing the best iPhone 12 case can help you stay stylish and avoid paying for costly repairs.

We are aware of the major impact that outstanding customer care can have. For this reason, we guarantee excellence and consistency with each order.

To improve your experience, we also offer free UK delivery on orders above £30, as well as free exchanges and returns.

If you require assistance during your decision-making process, our friendly team is here to support you and answer any questions or concerns. Alternatively, you may visit our FAQ area to check if another member of our tribe has asked the same question as you.

If this iPhone case isn't tailored to your mobile model, we cover a wide range of others, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 15 Pro and many more!

We also offer Apple watch straps, Apple iPad cases, covers for your Apple AirPods and iPhone screen protectors to style and protect your technology! Find your next case with Case Monkey today!

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