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Shockproof Phone Cases

Are you known to be quite clumsy, especially when it comes to handling your phone? If so, we have created a collection that is not only going to capture your attention but is also going to save you a lot of money on repairs.


Are you known to be quite clumsy, especially when it comes to handling your phone? If so, we have created a collection that is not only going to capture your attention but is also going to save you a lot of money on repairs.

Since 2020, here at Case Monkey, we have been helping people like yourself improve their technology. We offer a plethora of products and accessories that will help to give your device a touch of uniqueness while maintaining full protection.

Our shockproof phone covers have been designed with convenience in mind to safeguard your mobile while offering options that do not compromise style. But what exactly makes us different?


What Makes Case Monkey Stand Out?

As a family-owned business, our identity has an unbreakable connection to our beliefs. These beliefs influence every aspect of our business, showing our dedication to offering high-quality shockproof phone covers.

We are unshakable in our commitment to client satisfaction, developing a customer-centric strategy that respects each individual as a valued member of our tribe. Our objective is to create impressive products while providing top-quality support.

We recognise that everyone's style is unique, so we offer a variety of different colours. We ensure that there is a case for every preference, whether you favour bright tones or soft shades. Your phone case becomes a clear reflection of your style.

Recognising that one size does not suit all, we offer shockproof phone covers in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of models. Our goal is to exceed expectations by putting your needs at the forefront of our products and offering something for everybody.

At Case Monkey, style is affordable, regardless of the budget. We focus on offering high-quality products at affordable prices to make our products accessible to all.

In addition, we are proud to offer free UK delivery when orders go beyond £30. This is our small way of saying thank you for choosing us! As a bonus, we also offer 30 days to decide on returns or exchanges. This is because we understand that preferences can change and we want to offer you a flexible decision-making timeframe.

We care about our customers and are here every step of the way to provide guidance or support. To reach us, complete the online contact form and a member of our team will be in contact with you. Alternatively, head to our frequently asked questions section to see what others have asked.

At Case Monkey, we have your best interests at heart. Choose from our wide selection of shockproof phone covers today to find the perfect blend of innovation and protection.


Shop Our Collection of Shockproof Phone Cases

At Case Monkey, we offer a wide product collection for both Apple and Android phone users to showcase your individuality.


A Colour for Every Outfit

Understanding that your phone is an outfit accessory, we have provided a colourful product line of shockproof phone covers for all styles and preferences.


MagSafe Shockproof Phone Covers

MagSafe phone covers offer valuable benefits for mobile users seeking high-level protection and use. These MagSafe cases are specifically designed to be compatible with other MagSafe technology, like chargers and accessories.

By combining MagSafe technology with shockproof protection, you’re guaranteed to level up your mobile experience. Opt for a MagSafe shockproof case if you prefer innovation and guaranteed protection.


Silicone Shockproof Phone Covers

Experience modern style and security with our silicone, shockproof phone covers. Boasting a captivating 3D effect and a sleek matte finish, these cases redefine phone accessories.

The full-coverage design ensures every corner of your device is shielded, offering comprehensive defence against everyday bumps and shocks.

Upgrade to the future of phone cases, where innovation meets fashion. Select our silicone shockproof phone covers to safeguard your mobile with urban-style.


Shockproof Phone Case With Ring Stand and Holders

A shockproof phone case with a stand and ring holder is useful for protecting your mobile. This is because it helps reduce the risk of accidental drops.

With these phone cases, you can also enjoy an improved user experience with hands-free activities like video calls, watching content, or reading. Choose this range of phone cases for guaranteed mobile protection and added convenience in daily use.


Shockproof Phone Covers With Card Holders

These tough cases feature card holders, which allow for dual functionality. They provide thorough protection against drops and impacts while also allowing users to carry essential cards conveniently.

With this practical combination, there is no need to carry a separate wallet. Streamline your daily essentials with convenience and resilience.


Shockproof Phone Covers With Camera Covers

Shockproof phone covers with camera covers offer sturdy protection while addressing privacy concerns.

The shockproof design ensures device durability, and the integrated camera cover allows users to protect their privacy by physically covering the phone's camera when not in use.

This combination makes the case a practical and secure choice for users who seek to safeguard their mobile devices while prioritising their privacy.


Tough Phone Cases With Patterns

For a distinctive yet durable touch that mirrors your individuality, choose our tough phone cases. We have a mixture of prints and patterns for you to choose from.

Whether it's the allure of flowers, the glamour of glitter holographic, the ruggedness of army print, or the delicacy of honeycomb patterns, these cases are bound to make a bold statement.


Find an Extremely Durable Phone Case With Case Monkey Today!

Say goodbye to accidental drops causing hefty phone screen repairs with our tough phone cases. We understand that accidents happen, but wouldn’t it be best to avoid them?

We have lots of designs to choose from to fit different mobile models. Whether you have an iPhone 14 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy, we have a case for you! 

Why not also check out our selection of MagSafe accessories, Samsung screen protectors and iPhone screen protectors to further improve your experience with technology? Join the tribe and trust Case Monkey for your next tech upgrade today!

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