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How to fix microphone not working on iPhone 12 Pro

How to fix microphone not working on iPhone 12 Pro

How to fix microphone not working on iPhone 12 Pro

Experiencing issues with your iPhone 12 Pro's microphone can be quite frustrating, especially when you're trying to communicate with your friends, family, or colleagues. But don't worry, you're not alone. Many users have reported similar problems, and the good news is that there are several potential solutions that you can try to resolve this issue. This guide will walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and fix a non-working microphone on your iPhone 12 Pro.

Understanding the Issue

Before we delve into the solutions, it's crucial to understand the nature of the problem. The microphone on your iPhone 12 Pro may not be working due to a variety of reasons. It could be a software glitch, a hardware issue, or something as simple as dirt or debris blocking the microphone.

Knowing the root cause of the problem will help you apply the most effective solution. For instance, if it's a software issue, resetting your settings or updating your iOS might do the trick. On the other hand, if it's a hardware problem, you may need to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store for repair.

Basic Troubleshooting

Let's start with some basic troubleshooting steps. These are simple solutions that can often resolve minor issues with your iPhone's microphone.

Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your device can often fix minor software glitches that may be causing your microphone to malfunction. To restart your iPhone 12 Pro, press and hold the side button and either volume button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. To turn your device back on, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.

Check Microphone Settings

Your iPhone's settings could be preventing certain apps from accessing the microphone. To check this, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Make sure that the toggle next to each app is turned on. If an app doesn't appear in the list, it won't be able to access your microphone.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If the basic troubleshooting steps didn't work, don't worry. There are still several advanced solutions you can try.

Update iOS

Running an outdated version of iOS can cause various issues, including problems with your microphone. To check for updates, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, tap "Download and Install."

Reset All Settings

If your microphone is still not working, you can try resetting all settings on your iPhone. This won't erase your data, but it will reset all system settings to their default. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Hardware Issues

If none of the above solutions work, it's possible that your iPhone's microphone is physically damaged. In this case, you'll need to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store.

Contact Apple Support

If you suspect a hardware issue, the best course of action is to contact Apple Support. They can help diagnose the problem and guide you on the next steps. You can reach them via phone, chat, or email.

Visit an Apple Store

If you live near an Apple Store, you can make an appointment at the Genius Bar. They have trained technicians who can examine your iPhone and determine the cause of the problem. If your device is still under warranty, the repair may be covered.


Having a non-working microphone on your iPhone 12 Pro can be a nuisance, but with the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to troubleshoot and fix the issue. Remember, if all else fails, don't hesitate to contact Apple Support or visit an Apple Store. They're there to help you get your iPhone back to working order.

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